Diamond X50N antenna (dual band base)


The Author has been making commercial antennas for years. This is a report for a another commercially made one

It appears to be built for a Medium duty application for a type amateur station at the home or possibly low-level (non harsh) site. It's well built and appears to last several years. The Author has a couple at remote sites with no issues. The type N termination is a nice touch to keep up with commercial specs. The Author has mixed feelings about stainless steel parts however no issue found with this product. The manual claims some rather unrealistic gain specs. At best 2-meters would be unity and 70-cm would be 3 db. That's an honest gain over the industry standard of a center-feed half-wave dipole. The return loss (RL) came in 38 db on 2-meters and 36 db on 70-cm which is excellent. The Author apologizes for the fuzzy images. The Author would recommend this product for most station arraignments except for the extreme (harsh) winter mountain sites. When in doubt, one could top brace the antenna for those conditions.




The manual is here for the antenna

This may be copied in complete form only for non-profit purposes, such as for the knowledge for the Amateur Radio Service, with the Author credited as designer. For other arrangements please contact the Author.

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