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Grounding for radio sites

Grounding for radio sites

Grounding is good for radio sites, local or on remote mountain ones. The idea is when (not if) a nearby strike occurs is all the electronic equipment's surroundings rise and fall at the same potential. Any differences can be a formula for disaster for the equipment.

When bonding with tin lugs to the master ground buss (MGB) you need some "interface" compound because of the dissimilar metals, the lug being tin and the MGB copper. Also, be aware of some of the electrical products are not for this, but for different metals to interface with. For example this product is zinc enhanced. While this is good for certain metals, most sites use copper ground busses. Therefore, in this case the compound needs to be copper enhanced. Just read the product information carefully before using.

Also, note there is to be no washers between the mating surfaces, which would be the MGB and lug. Any washers need to be on the back side with the nut.










Recently other brand was found for both copper and aluminum from Platt electric part number of 0089679 and 0089681, respectively. These views are off their web site.












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