Power distribution unit by WRCO electronics


Many remote (mountain top) sites have amateur stations mostly configured as a repeater. An amateur repeater many have several components, such as the radio (or two of them) controller and/or other link radios, and perhaps some other devices. Each components should be fuse protected. While some of these components have "built-in" fuse protection, some "home-brew" ones may not. A 12 volt regulated power supply (from the AC grid) is needed to power all these items. Most power supplies have one set of output terminals. One (sloppy) way is to use ring lugs for all the equipment, connected to this one point of DC power. A better way is to distribute the DC power, each with it's own fuse protection.

ATC (or O) holder type is used. The "C" or "O" is quite possibly from the different brand such as Bussman and Littlefuse, respectively. It's believed to be superior to the older 3AGC glass type, especially for higher current circuits. This is type has a better surface contact between the fuse and power points, due to the pressure on the point's receptacle. Plus, the advantage of no glass breakage in the event of dropping one on the floor. This type is widely used in domestic automobile equipment. Shown here are the 10-amp rating.







Shown here is the PCB. It's assumed this goes into a "box" and mounted inside the RV somewhere. If just the PCB could be purchased this could be rack mounted or other possiblities.




































































































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