Party for 2019

Party for 2019


We are having a get-together informal party on June 29, 2019. Dale out of Rearden is hosing it on the 2-rivers recreational area on his houseboat. Talk in is the SRG system. However, during some of the travel from Davenport coverage may be marginal.


Directions: From Davenport take SR25 approximately 22 miles north, just after the bridge that crosses the Spokane river turn left. The main office for camping is on the left, this is also the general parking for marina. There is disabled parking located down the hill in the “Bowl” that is right next to the dock system.

Dale's boat is on E dock (A dock is top of pic next to the floating store) half way down E dock on the right, it has a pair of dice sticker above the door. That is the name of the boat ( Pair-A-Dice).

There will be some activities to consider there:

  • Boat ride on the river (very slow)

  • Barbecue (bring your own meat)

  • Swimming.

  • Bring your own drinks (beer or whatever)

  • Unknown about seating; perhaps ask Dale on the air; otherwise maybe bring a lawn chair.

  • We plan to have a raffle/auction to raise money for SRG.

  • If you have an idea bring it up to the group on the air for consideration. [2019 party]


    Here's some pictures his fantastic "yacht".

    [2019 party]

    [2019 party]

    [2019 party]

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