Karl's Items for sale

As of January 2017; Items for sale:

Motorola micor and GE parts

Pet carrying-crate equipment

Viberplex "bug" keyer $100

Portable closet $50

Outlet plates $5

New windows $200

Honeywell Thermostat $50

Gas Valve for furnace $50

Carousel Horse, full size $1800

Computer Hardware Monitors, motherboards, NICs modems, complete PCs, etc.

Computer Software For DOS and Windows

Ski Boots Woman's size 7

Top Cover for Toyota Tercel 1981 or similar (Also service manuals)

Turner mic for sale Desk, brand new

SLR Camera for sale Minolta

Oscilloscope and AC meter

Bell and Howell 8mm Camera and Projector

Snowmobile for Sale 1M 800

GE Mstr -II Station Cards

GE Mstr -II and Motorola receivers (rack mount)

Radio equipment

Many of these items are low cost for repeater owners and builders.

  • GE Mastr II equipment. Some are station parts as well. Also I have several GE receiver "draws" for Sat receivers. Some with AC supplies.

    The stations come with or without the OEM cabinets. The radios came out of 172 MHz service so you'll have to do some band changes with the capacitors and such to get them to the amateur 2-meter band. All are free. You pay shipping and handling, or in the case of contacting in person the travel expense to get them to you, normally the fuel expense. Details can be worked out if interested.

  • Motorola mobiles and parts. Some are station (compa) parts as well. Same costs as described, above.

    There may be other equipment and parts for repeater building. Contact for inquiries located on the first page of this site. I also have one Rohn-25 bottom section for sale.

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    Items for sale (without pictures)

  • Drive belt:0227-020, 2-Q
  • Drive belt:0227-030, 3:V:1:4

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