Slang that should be ridiculed

This article is the way I feel and not much to do with slang or it's operation in whole. I have to say that we have way too much slang in this world including the telecommunications / amateur radio world. Here's some examples. This includes redundancy.

  • RJ-45. This is my favorite. RJ-45 is a "Registered Jack" for a class of telephone service and not for networking. For networking uses a 8 pole, 8 conductor plug and it's associated with the jacks used in routers, switches and other network equipment.

  • 220. Okay so are we talking about 220 that runs my welder or water heater, or MHz as in the amateur 1.25 meter RF band? That goes for "440", same thing; ski resort lift motors run on 440 volts or again are they trying to say the MHz coverage for the amateur 70-cm band which covers from 420 ~ 450 MHz ?

  • Speaking of a "hot water heater" as there is no such thing in a common household. If the water was hot there would be no need to heat it. Therefore, most of us have "cold water" heaters, or just "water heaters".

  • "Fiber". That's another one that gets me. Are we talking about fiber intake in the morning, like I keep track of or folks trying to describe a type of optical "pipe" for IP transport?

  • I need to buy some AA batteries. Come on folks, they are cells. Several cells make up a battery. Mass print has ruined proper thinking on this.

  • The last item I can think of is someone will send a message (one sentence) but fail to put a question mark on the end of that sentence. So is that person making a statement or asking a question?

  • VHF Frequency. What ? Saying that means Very High Frequency Frequency.

  • Or another is "VIN Number". What ? Saying that means Vehicle Identification Number Number. Come on guys!

    Hopefully, this will make you think. I may add some points as I know about more madness out there. Hit your back button to get out of this discussion.