Telewave UHF F2 antenna evaluation


Antenna projects can come in home-made or commercially made. Either way the finished product needs to be checked out prior to a long trip and install at some remote site. In this case is a replacement antenna for the VHF Club's 444.60 repeater in Spokane. The brand is Telewave; model of ANT450F2. The F2 at the end indicates the gain (series) of the antenna. The install guide has some very poor images but will give you an idea on what to do.

On the left image shows the general test setup in the field with a good mast to (temp) mount the antenna under test, a simple self for the test equipment and accessories. This tripod (pipe) design is stable and can be climbed for higher antenna mounting for other types of tests. On the right is the OEM test results which will be compare with the Author's results.





























At the station's frequency, the return loss is better than 20 db.




















Conclusions: This antenna has good specifications for the 70-cm amateur band and the Author would recommend it for that use.




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