3 Amp Power Supply by Karl Shoemaker, AK2O

This is the 3 amp 12 v supplies the author's been building, on a nice, painted #2 panel. The rear is showing a simple (cheap) way to insulate the pass transistors from touching and short out to the cabinet, in the event it's a tight installation setup. Otherwise, you can leave those pieces of paper off them. Remember, you can click on the pictures to obtain a larger version, should you be on a high-speed internet connection. Doing this will open a separate browser for your convenience.







As shown here with the optional insulator. You could use other materials, which might look a little more professional.







The inside (top) view revels two different versions of the AC input entry, depending on site/RFI requirements.







For the schematic go back to the power supply page and go to the "Dual supply" page for that. (It's part of that supply).

For the DC output the Author normally uses a medium size "zip cord" with a set of power connectors in line for easy disconnect for maintenace. There's more details on these connectors

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