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This is my favorite page. Even though my projects are based on Arctic Cat, you can get ideas for the other brands as well, since all of them have good sleds out there. You are welcome to play with the ideas here. Here are several projects, which taken most of my time up, and some are a marginal, others are a great success, but with planning, thought, a little head banging, and self accomplishment. Rewarding too and direct benefit to myself and others might want to use my ideas towards their projects. Some of the pictures are available in larger versions by clicking on them.

Here are some of my projects:

1M Issues and cures
Check your wiring Especially on the 1M
Can Improvement
Left handed throttle Project Includes dealers
Replacing A-Arm bushing, etc. (and ski bushings)
Rivets such as your tunnel fasteners are
Prep notes Coolant, priming gas and Tach calibration
Brake maintenance tips (on older sleds)
Gearing Chart for ratios
Chaincase Performance chart
Jetting chart
Tuning your Sled's Jetting (for caburated sleds)
Sled Dolly by one of the guys on RSS
Trailer notes page
Early ramp project On a pickup
Latest ramp project On a pickup
Changing out your track Story from another source.(Also read a note from the Author, below)
Clutch notes Replacing the weights (on some older sleds)
Non-ethanol gas Many may not be current or have in premium only-call first.
A/C Service Bulletins Check their index for this......

How about a nice sound to start the season out ?? Click here ! (mid-size engine)

or click below (I'm experimenting with clickable images)

Say! wanna see how a 2 cycle engine works? Click on these links: (very large images, so you should be on a high speed connection).

Click Here for the generic one.
Click here for the Rotax one.

Above was an article on changing out your track. What may have not been mentioned is to center the track on the fax. Look at the metal clips that contact the fax on each side. If they are equil, fine. Otherwise, tighten the track side that has too much gap. For example, if the mag side gap is too big, tighten that side (bolt).

Around 2004 Spokane had a nice winter. Here's an example of the road being cut out on the south hill


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