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This page is all about modifying radio equipment for a better way to pass signals for long-distance links and other uses, starting with the COR/Audio board. If any of the drawings are not clear a better copy is available for a modest cost of handling.

My COR board project:

COR/Audio board Ver. 5.3 with a browser

COR/Audio board Ver. 5.3 in pdf

COR/Audio board Ver. 6.5 in pdf

COR/Audio board Ver. 6.5 Notes on parts placement

COR/Audio board Ver. 6.5 Schematic

COR/Audio board Ver. 6.5 Layout

Motorola Mitrek area - Lot's of information

Most of these documents are in PDF for easy viewing with any O/S. Also, some of them are large in size:

Mitrek conversion to Repeater or link in PDF

Frequency options in PDF

Details on the antenna ports in PDF

Spec sheet on RG-405 coax Beldon part number of 1671A

Preselector repair in PDF

Operation manual in PDF

Motorola Micor area - Lot's of information (including Spectra-Tac)

Micor transmitter for repeater service in PDF

Transmitter supplement for the above in PDF

Compa station Transmitter supplement for the above in PDF

Micor receiver conversation in PDF

Spectra-Tac supplement (goes with above document)in PDF

Spectra-Tac PL Module (goes with above document) in PDF

Micor squelch theory discussion in PDF

COR board version 5.4 for Micor Spectra-Tac downlink in PDF

Repeater equipment

Evaluation for the LDG eletronics voter.

IDer boards Documentation by Karl Shoemaker

Repeater operation General information

Other equipment

MX-350 Portable radio for UHF links

MX-350 channel element OEM information - just the one page

Maxar radio Just a few notes

GE for repeater operation in PDF

Audio Standards Flat or conventional audio and level standards

Microphone discussion by Tomi Engdahl

Direct F.M. a Midland 13-509, or most any transmitter

Midland 13-509 Full story on F.M. and repeater conversions for 1 1/4 meters

Wilson 1 1/4 meter radio For the model T2202SM HT.

Johnson PPL6060 Stability notes

Kenwood mobile radio evaluation and notes for the TM-V71A radio

Fan assembly to cool a transmitter Used in some SRG 20 repeater equipment

LM-338 Notes

I.C.M. Past services (closed now)

A note about the documents; recently they are starting to be converted to PDF for a couple reasons; this solves the issue with html pages (with images) being displayed on various browsers (with other variables) and generally is smaller in file size. This is especially true for a MS-Word document (with images) compared to the size of the same document in PDF. PDFs are easy to download to your PC for later viewing.

Note: Many of these projects are in the R-n-D stage, therefore, are subject to change and improvement without notice. They are intended to get the experienced builder in the right direction and not necessarily for the beginner. Tip: Some are PDF's therefore, to save time you can right click on the link and "save as" to your PC for local (and faster) viewing.

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